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Profile Projector
Proflie Projector is checked under various parameters to ensure its high working and excellent performance. When used in conjunction with a computer, the supplied profile projector system calculates correct results and removes human mistake. This is very easy to install.
Contour Measuring Machine
The contour measuring machine is provided with excellent resolution and a broad dynamic range. Measurement is the process of gathering and comparing physical quantities of actual things and events in the physical sciences, quality control, and engineering. The shortcut function has a setting for frequent use.
Coordinate Measuring Machine
Coordinate Measuring Machine acts as an instrument that measures the geometry of real objects. CMMs use a probing method to find small spots on object surfaces. CMMs over manual inspections or checks carried out with traditional metrology tools.
Profile Projector in Delhi NCR
Profile Projector in Delhi NCR is a kind of optical measuring device. In addition, this approach is used to verify that a part has been manufactured accurately by comparing an object's measurements to a standard model. This is very effective and safe to handle.
Horizontal Profile Projector

The horizontal profile projector can be utilised for surface evaluation and item outlining. Micrometers and calipers cannot detect flaws like burrs, scratches, indentations, or undesired chamfers, but a profile projector can. This is very economical to use.

Video Measuring Machine
High-precision video measuring machine is used extensively in a variety of precision finishing sectors, including: machinery, electronics, ironware, instruments, plastics, and more. This includes a number of data processing, display, input, and output features, but its ability to straighten work pieces is very helpful.